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In 1989, Robert Windschauer, P.G. founded Subsurface Detection Investigations, Incorporated, to provide specialized geophysical consulting services. Throughout the 1990s, we expanded our breadth of technical expertise and subsequently our service offerings to include water resource projects, environmental investigations, and forensic structural engineering. To better reflect this expanded scope of services, the name of the company was changed in 1999 to Sdii Global, LLC (SDII).

As our company continued to develop and succeed, with a keen eye on the future, we wisely reinvested in the company by attracting and hiring industry-leading professionals and purchasing additional equipment resources (including ground penetrating radar equipment and subsurface testing equipment). Additionally, we fully equipped a geotechnical soils laboratory, thereby meeting the increasing demands of the standard scope of services for sinkhole investigation. We maintain an in-house staff of fully trained field and laboratory technicians, as well as a cadre of experienced support personnel. Recruiting talented professionals has always been and remains a top priority at SDII.

As part of our stated mission to become our clients’ foremost source of experts and partner of choice to solve complex problems, SDII created an extensive proprietary database to better manage project flow. We also developed new and innovative processes to ensure we consistently deliver our quality services on time, every time.

The unprecedented hurricane activity in 2004 and 2005 played a significant role in the growth of our company. In response to this record storm activity, SDII assisted existing clients with emergency services and catastrophic claims resolution, and developed new strategic relationships with clients throughout the impacted areas of Florida and the Gulf Coast. We completed over 2,500 mold and water damage investigations and 850 wind vs. wave investigations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi, establishing SDII as a proven leader in those fields.
Today, SDII offers expert services in forensic geology, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology, geophysics, and water resources, as well as litigation support services. This breadth of forensic services, coupled with our proprietary processes and web-based information systems, provide timely and definitive answers to our clients' claim resolution needs.

SDII's continued commitment to unparalleled technical expertise with the highest level of proactive customer service ensures that SDII remains an industry leader within the forensic engineering arena.

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SDII has a long history of being the industry leader in service standards. We provide quality definitive answers in the expedited turnaround you need. To learn more, click here.