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The SDII Difference

As a multi-faceted consulting and engineering firm, with almost 25 years of experience, we have assembled a staff of experts unparalleled in their respective fields.  SDII’s renowned specialists include geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysicists, and engineers who have successfully completed projects all over the world.  These professionals utilize SDII’s state-of-the-art analytical tools and proprietary processes, allowing them to provide timely and definitive answers to our clients. 

SDII maintains an unwavering commitment to customer responsiveness by guaranteeing the most efficient project turnaround time in the industry. 

Last, we are committed to excellence in customer service.  From our CEO to our most junior field technician, the actions of every SDII team member are driven by our stated mission to be the foremost source of experts for all our clients’ investigative needs. 

Setting Ourselves Apart Through:

Industry Expertise

The staff at SDII includes 3 PhDs, 7 Professional Geologists, and 11 Professional Engineers, each recognized as an expert in their area of specialization.  These highly credentialed individuals are capable of providing litigation support at all levels including local, state, and federal court systems, testifying at both jury and non-jury trials. 

The professional staff is supported in their work by a cadre of trained and certified technicians working in the field and in our fully equipped soils testing laboratory. 

To further meet customer need, SDII invests significant resources to support our professionals in their investigations.  For example, we have:

• Stereoscopic and petrographic microscopes
• Comprehensive geophysical capabilities, including ground penetrating radar
• Electrical resistivity, seismic (reflection, refraction, MASW) study capabilities
• Borehole geophysics, vibration and blast monitoring
• Cone penetrometer soundings

We also have experienced team members who specialize in groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling by utilizing a number of different platforms.  

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Along with expertise comes exceptional experience. SDII has almost 25 years of experience investigating a wide range of client claims.  This breadth of experience gives us perspectives and insights unmatched in the industry. 

Our professional and knowledgeable staff have worked on claims that range from emergency services and catastrophic claims resolution throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast region following Hurricane Katrina, to performing over 7,400 regulatory compliant subsidence investigations. 

Broad and extensive experience allows us to quickly assess a problem, apply the appropriate analytical tools and approaches, and promptly provide actionable consultative advice to our clients, saving them both time and money while limiting their risk of litigation. 

Superior Customer Responsiveness

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with timely and definitive answers – it’s the standard to which we steadfastly commit and adhere.  Because of this dedication to customer responsiveness, we have developed several proprietary processes and web-based systems, such as the SDII Global Registry, to efficiently and accurately deliver our services conveniently to our clients. 

Our goal is to provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry, and we currently guarantee a 30-day timeframe for project completion.Our latest technological development is a new web-based client portal that will allow our clients to improve their processing capabilities and reduce their costs. This rapid speed of service helps our clients improve their claims processing speeds while increasing the quality, resulting in both operating and claims cost reductions and overall margin improvement.  In essence, our focus on responsiveness improves customer satisfaction.  We consider that outcome a win-win-win.

The Right People. The Right Task. The Right Time.

We are consummate professionals, ready to provide immediate responses to client needs. We believe in having the right individual performing the right task at the right time, and always accepting full responsibility for completing our work correctly and expeditiously. We take client service very seriously, maintaining full control over the investigative process to ensure quality and timeliness.  

Our staff includes client communication specialists to provide frequent real time status updates on every project as part of our dedication to customer service excellence.  We utilize technology-driven processes to guarantee consistent, efficient, and accurate service.

Keeping Our Eye on the Future

Recognizing the major impact that technology will have on industries across our diversified client base, SDII is investing at unprecedented levels in technological advancements that will deliver dramatic savings of both time and money to our clients. 

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