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Environmental Services

SDII’s Environmental Services department is dedicated to the delicate balance of ecosystems that affect us on a very personal level -- the places where we work and live. Indoor environments are fragile.  Excessive moisture from a leaky pipe, a mechanical failure, or natural disaster can lead to environmental imbalances that impact residences and commercial buildings, giving mold, fungi, mildew, and yeast the opportunity to flourish.  SDII’s environmental professionals work to determine the source and cause of water intrusion and discover what kind of mold and fungi issue is involved.  They will ensure that the negative effects of moisture/water intrusion or mold and fungi infestation are not permanent and do no result in harmful long-term impacts. 

To further mitigate the stress of handling such complex claims, we have developed a proprietary five-phase process in microbial/water intrusion assessment and determination.  This leads to fast, fair, and equitable claim resolution for you and the claiming party.

Ensuring that the quality of the air one breathes is as clean as possible at home or in the office is critical to satisfying the habitation guidelines set by The Environmental Protection Agency and Indoor Air Quality Association.  SDII offers indoor air quality assessments and analyses to verify that your insured is breathing the cleanest air possible and to efficiently assist you in claim resolution.

Our experts are court certified and will support you in litigation proceedings if necessary. What’s more, SDII provides you with two-day response times from initial assignment and two-week “site-to-report” completion.
SDII Offers the Following Environmental Services:

• Microbial evaluations
• Indoor air quality evaluations
• Remediation protocol development
• Post-microbial remediation assessments
• Water intrusion cause & origin evaluations