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Structural Engineering Services

SDII provides forensic structural engineering services ranging from identification and evaluation of construction defects to cause and origin assessments and roof investigations. Through visual inspection and limited destructive and non destructive testing, SDII engineers are able to diagnose and determine the extent of any problem. 

We have the expertise to evaluate claims in both residential and commercial settings.  Our engineers have hands-on understanding of all phases of building design and construction, and unsurpassed forensic expertise, providing the professional skill sets necessary to effectively analyze damage scenarios, from initial construction to critical post-damage repair solutions. 

More often than not, one catastrophic event, such as a hurricane, results in multiple claims, all needing immediate evaluation and resolution.  SDII has extensive experience in supporting these types of complex claims, and, as a result, we have developed automated processes to expedite and standardize the collection of field data. This capability enabled SDII to complete over 850 wind vs. wave evaluations in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.  We were also able to provide our clients with dedicated teams of engineers and estimators to evaluate commercial sections of the Port of New Orleans.

SDII currently employees nine Professional Structural Engineers and two Geotechnical Engineers, all of whom are licensed to practice in over 18 states and possess over 125 combined years of direct industry experience.  Our engineers and scientists have provided litigation support and expert witness testimony on Structural, Forensic, Geotechnical, and Geophysical engineering issues in dozens of state and federal legal matters.

Through our specialized expertise, we are committed to delivering the highest quality, technically accurate, and scientifically supportable forensic engineering analyses possible to our clients.

Our Forensic Engineering Services Include:

• Appraisal services (appraiser or umpire)
• Code-related inspections
• Collapse evaluations
• Fire damage assessments
• Floor tile cause & origin assessment
• Floor tile damage assessment
• Mediation/arbitration/litigation support
• Pool and pool deck damage evaluations
• Repair recommendations
• Roof damage evaluations
• Screen enclosure damage evaluations
• Storm damage assessments
• Structural damage assessments
• Structural failure investigation
• Structural lightning damage evaluations
• Termite damage evaluation
• Vibration damage assessments
• Water/moisture damage cause & origin
• Wind v. wave evaluations

We offer structural investigations from code-related inspections to post-damage repair recommendations. To submit a new project, click here.