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Geophysical Services

Using lateral and vertical mapping, geophysics offers a one-of-a-kind view of the earth by detecting sub-surface conditions of physical property variations based on lateral and vertical mapping.   These surveys, conducted remotely using non-invasive technologies, provide a rapid identification of geologic layering and structure and the location and magnitude of human impact on the subsurface.  Geophysical studies also determine the nature and extent of potential hazards and the physical parameters that are vital to successful engineering and construction activities.

These types of studies are ideal for use in heavily populated areas, such as metropolitan areas, where many of today's environmental and engineering issues arise. Moreover, our disciplined approach in project management enables archeological sites to be examined without altering or disturbing the site in the process.

SDII provides the full complement of geophysical expertise, backed by today’s technologies to best serve our clients’ needs. Our combination of state-of-the-art instrumentation and analytical software, operated by licensed geophysicists and geologists with decades of experience, ensures that only the highest quality, most reliable data will be produced.  SDII’s nationally recognized experts in engineering, geology, and remediation sciences collaborate to produce the most technically accurate and scientifically supportable geological analyses possible.

Our Geophysical Services Include:

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR):

• Tank/drum/utility location
• Landfill & buried debris investigation
• Soil & rock layering
• Archaeological investigation
• Pavement/foundation forensics

 Electromagnetic Conductivity:

• Utility & pipeline location surveys
• Tank/drum location studies
• Landfill & buried debris assessments
• Contaminant plume delineation

 DC Resistivity:

• Soil corrosivity studies
• Grounding design support
• Geologic characterization
• Seismic reflection & refraction
• Depth-to-rock investigation
• Geologic characterization
• Excavation evaluation
• Fault location
• Pile length determination


• Tank/drum/utility location studies
• Landfill & buried debris investigations
• Abandoned water well location

 Borehole Geophysics:

• Subsurface stratigraphy
• Contaminant delineation
• In situ testing
• Vibration and blast monitoring
• Shallow marine applications
• Bathymetry
• Magnetics


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